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 jKindle is a great language learning service providing you with eBook files formatted for your Kindle. Articles have  N4-N3 grammar and vocabulary grade.


 6-Months Subscription (6 € )

When subscribing please let us know which to email you want to receive your MOBIs!

 Beautifully formatted Japanese text! 

  • Daily e-Book in MOBI format file with up-to-date real-life news sent to your email

  • 5 articles each weekday

  • Vertical text formatting as a real Japanese book with a right to left page flipping

  • kanji with furigana (also no furigana file is provided)
  • Kindle dictionary word recognition

  • forward the email from  us with the MOBI  to your kindle email or simply send the file by usb to your device
  • horizontal text formatting coming soon
  • no articles in weekends and holidays

Contact us - nhkforkindle@gmail.com